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A design studio crafting elevated and elegant bespoke designs.

Designs and illustrations to fit all your needs, bringing your business, brand and home to life.

Welcome to Johanna G Design

Working with those who are ready to invest in great design.

Together we will work to develop the best intentional designs for your desired purpose. Whether it be a brand package to elevate your business, an illustration to add depth to a news article or art for your home or loved one.

What we do

At Johanna G Design we focus on the client and go under the surface to find your voice and the essence of your style, brand and business. We believe that a well-executed and curated brand is the key to a successful business and together we will create just that for you.

Logo Suite

Branding Design

Package Design

Custom Illustrations

Meet your new designer

Hey, I’m Johanna!

Based in the vibrant city of Washington DC, I bring a touch of Swedish creativity infused with American ingenuity. Since my transatlantic move in 2015, I’ve immersed myself in the world of design, fueled by coffee, driven by weightlifting, and inspired by fashion.

So, let's embark on this journey together!

I am thrilled to begin working with you, translating your dreams into stunning visual realities.